Sunday, March 6, 2011

Suki Kirai~~~

So If you saw on my youtube page, I had made a Like Dislike ust for Ren and Shinta... Not the best thing I did. Not that the notes and whatnot were off time and out of tune, that was fine. What sucked was the limited amount of singing.

As you can see:

Either way, I was pretty unhappy with the results, even if it was all cute for Shinta(Adding a g-5 flag).

But I wanted a different sound, a better one. Even though this ust took seven hours to make, put on Vocaloid to add the lyrics, and string the notes.

So I made this one:

Sounds a lot better, huh?

Now this was actually in good time. Er... Yeah. I mean, the last one was seven hours with three files(Rin, Len, and a bit more of Rin because of overlap). This new one has five(Rin, Len, backups, overlaping Rin again). And it on;y took nine hours. Now, that's a lot, yeah, but I do this for fun so in other words, that was just sixteen hours of fun(and hard work). XDDD

I put a download up for this ust though. It's on the actual Youtube video, liked there. If you go on my mediafire page right here and now to download it, you might be in for a little surprise~(There's a password on it)

By the way, Ikune Ren and Utaune Kuru both belong to namiko98/najwah-namine. I mention her a lot, don't I? XD

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