Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Song of the Eared Robot - Released

It's two am... I have a fanfiction to work on... So I really don't want to post the video here. XDD

So here's the youtube link.

The download link is there too. Enjoy~

Amaine Shinta
Toune Rui
Utaune Kuru
Utaune Nami
Yukine Miki

Oh, by the way, I love how Shinta's name is. I mean, Purufufuru alerted me of this on her wiki page. I never knew that Shinta's name meant Progress-Sweetness sound/Sound of content... I mean, Shinta's voice is pretty sweet, right? And Progress? She's progressing to be as popular as Teto! >8D (Kidding, maybe, dunno) And Shinta's voice was made at random. Anyways, thank you Puru~

Thanks to everyone, actually, who watches my videos and visits this blog. It's appreciated.

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