Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Song of the Eared Robot

By the way, I made Shinta sing with an Utau named Rui, and I gotta say... I love that utau. XD

As the title says, I'm sure if you know Teto Kasane, you might have heard about her original song named Song of the Eared Robot. I went to make Shinta sing it but when I imported it, it was all screwed up. Now, when I see this, I bring it up on Vocaloid and change the lyrics on there, it's quicker... Thing is, it didn't open up.

I searched all over for another ust to use instead but nothing... So, I made a few changes to my 'to do list,' cut some stuff out, and added this, plus some others... I mean, my list is really short now, which is good for me because I'm getting really stressed and I have a condition with stress which really affects my health so I have to tone it down.

Anyways, I also made the decision from my earlier post, Triple Baka... I finished it and I probably will use it later on... I'm sorry, but I'm not putting it up for download. I made it for Koneko's birthday, and it's a fully customised vsq so... It's a gift for her so... You know. Anyways, there will be one for download one day, I'm sure. Sorry guys.

Anyways, I'm just adding the lyrics to Song of the Eared Robot now. Then I need to string the notes(Very few) and I can post the video with the download link. And I gotta say, that was the easiest midi to make. It was just repeated, basically...

Anyways, thanks~

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