Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bad End Night!!

So I finished the ust!
I'm making a chorus with it for Yukai and Starlit Utaus!
On the side of that, I sent it to SetoKenshin(Who was the one that got me into the song after Val introduced it to me, as well as was the person who I started making the ust for but then found my own interest in it.) who is making a chorus too! 8DDD
I'm soo excited to see the finished result for both!

But it's almost Shinta's "Revival" anniversary.
What happened was I lost Shinta's voicebank(act one) annd then just never worked on it.
And then I found it on April first, of course April Fools day... XDDD
But I kept using Ai's voicebank, I don't remember why, but I think it was because she was unfinished.

So was Ai though, I think. XDDD

But not the point. It's kinda a special day for me because Shinta really just died on me and now I use her every day.

So it's important.

And my cousin, who's been so helpful with everything, is writing a song for it. ;w; She sent me some lyrics demos... It's so sweet and sad... ;A;
But I'm excited.

Back to Bad End Night, though, I'm writing a fanfiction for it... You should read it when I'm done a couple of chapters and publish it... |D

On the side note, my vsq/ust website is going to be updated once I get the 'okay' from Kai to publish all of my usts(bbecause he asked me not to until he uploaded the stuff I did XDDD).
So check it out when you have the chance.

And also, I just wanted to say that I did all of my testing for Shinta's MMD model... It's up and running... So I may release it soon. |D