Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm going against my morales.

I don't support any form of incest, yaoi, yuri, and whatnot... I don't have anything against it, especially in not real life(Don't go calling me a gay hater), I just don't find any interest, as well as when I was young, walked into a playing at an anime con of yaoi hentai and was like "okay, no more."

I was never interested in that anyways.

Now last night, I had this dream of Kohaku and Shinta and... And now I half ship that now. ;A;

There are too many Shinta pairings though. @_@ LenXShinta(Me), KaiXShinta(Me), KusaXShinta(Friends), RuiXShinta(Friends), AdrianXShinta(Friends), KaitoXShinta(Friends), HaruXShinta(Friends), and now KohakuXShinta(Me)?


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