Saturday, September 3, 2011

Utawa Gakuen? Mixing requests?? My Boss???

It's official, I work for KaiSuzuRomeo(KaiSuki). X3 I mix songs.

As the title proclaims, I do take mixing requests from friends. If you're not my friend, hurry and become my friend(You might also get my new and improved usts too).

Utawa Gakuen is on Deviantart and I just joined that too with Shinta. Because of that, I've been working on choruses and they sound pretty good. You can search them on youtube but you're best seeing them on Soundcloud.

If you like something, download it. I keep my Soundcloud account clean and don't intend to make another one any time soon, so if it's not there... X3 If you want something though that was on Soundcloud, or even from one of my videos, ask away.

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