Sunday, February 5, 2012

VCV 2.5 English friendly

So Shinta's VCV has been all over the place in my mind. I've always wanted to finish a USABLE VCVoicebank but they all turned out to be disaster. So I made two that I kept, one is LOKE, and the other is... I don't know what it is... They're both missing sounds for songs that I wanted them to sing, so I probably will have to make up my own, roll with it. XDDD

That's not the point though, the point is the voicebank that isn't LOKE, I'm re-oto-ing and making it English friendly.
So in other words, let's take Ai Kotoba for an example:
Normal VCV:
- い i つ u も - ぼ o く u の
Now compatible:
- i i tsu u mo - bo o ku u no

Yeah... It was pretty simple in the long run, I just wanted to put hiragana in this post... XDDD

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