Friday, July 15, 2011

Smiling? OUT of the question.

Yeah, Nmasao beat me at a Smiling UST.

Either way, I probably will finish it since Nmasao isn't distributing.

Guess what though? Even if I DO finish it, no one but friends is getting it. So start being my friend.

Thing is, same as the title for this post, I'm not smiling. I'm angry.

I have gotten SOOO many trolls in the past few weeks, I can't stand it. I can take criticism, sure. I can't take it when it's the only thing I get.

I specifically say "you may edit my ust because it was made exclusivley for the Utau in the video/demo." but no one does so who gets blamed when the Utau in someone else's video is bad?


Je ne sais pas pourquoi personnes utilisent l'effort pour lire les choses mais c'est tres stupid et je deteste les personnes comme ca.

So with that, I was mad enough already but it was late and I decided to go to sleep. The next morning...

"Help Maya, by Dimearl."
Maya-chan's video was trolled and stollen.

I drew the line.

No more usts for you guys. Friends or people that have helped me or I admire them such as (Taking from the top of my head) Puru-chan, Blaze-kun, Kitty-chan, Bellala-san, Myst-chan, Alice-chan, Pandah-kun, Carter-kun, Kiyo-chan, Sango-chan, blah blah(A lot) will be able to get my usts with a pm or tweet.

I'm sick and tired of it.

'Cause look, I'm not the best at making uts like Sango-chan, Nmasao-san, and Myst-chan but at least I CAN make them. At least I TRY. At least I LEARN unlike some people.

Oh, I will say I was reconsidering it yesterday but NO. Someone trolled and bashed Stella-chan and Dreako-chan.

I don't stand for stupidity.

Smiling? Out of the question here.

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