Monday, April 4, 2011


I had been looking at things like Magnet Freedom and Mirishira Romeo and Cinderella. Those two songs are just reprints of Magnet and Romeo and Cinderella with different lyrics. I liked this idea so... I did my own. I called it Meltdown DEFIANCE but then I thought of the title RESTRICTED and I couldn't decide so... I used both. XD It doesn't really matter. Anyways, here's the video:
I made the lyrics with Google Translate so... I don't know if they're correct, sorry. And yes, that's Miki singing the original. XD Here's the Youtube video to see the description and lyrics. Also, Miki 'broke up' with his boyfriend and became bi curious... I got bored... Shinta and Miki are going on a date. XDDDDDDDDD

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