Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not Dead Yet!

Hello guys, this blog isn't dead yet. I've just been busy and haven't been able to get on here. Now I'm trying a new bbcode so if it doesn't work, sorry.

Originally sung by Rin, Miku, Len, and Kaito, Shinta sings "For Valentines" with Neko Kanochi, Len kagamine, and Kaito.
Neko by sango312
Vocaloids by Crypton
Shinta and vsq by me(Soffie101)

The LenXShinta series has opened up to the world on MMD.
There's a second scene but you can see that for yourselves.

With sango312's vsq, Shinta and Kei sing Revolution.
Shinta by me(Soffie101)
Kei Wana by Wolfpup69

Love and Joy is sung by Shinta, and her brother Kohaku, along with Koneko and Miku.
Koneko by inutomboyo15
Miku by Crypton
Shinta and Len by me(Soffie101)

With myself knowing what ot feels like to have a len fangirl make somehting of him with their OC, I started debating whether Shinta should be paired with someone else in my videos, not fanfictions. The debating came to this: no. Shinta is going to be with Len but there will be other's around to make Len jealous. This includes Ren Ikune.
Ikune Ren by namiko89
Shinta by me(Soffie101)
Vsq by Haloheroin

A design for Shinta was released. This will be her newer design once she turns eighteen.
Ikune Ren by namiko89
Vsq(Ggrks) by Haloheroin
Shinta by me(Soffie101)
Vsq by me aswell.

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